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*It is a crime to make any purchase on anyone's account without their permission. Please make sure your parents give you permission if you are not an adult, before you make any purchase in the Pokefreaks store!*

*Any permission, bonus perk or extra given from the donations in any way gives any player an advantage over other players. Any purchase made on the PokeFreaks-Community will be considered a donation!
Here at the Pokefreaks Network we strive to help you become a Pixelmon Master. Any permission, perk or extra will be limited to any event or where PVP is enabled to make sure no advantaged are created for players who donate. Therefore following the EULA set forth by Mojang.*

**Any purchase processed for any permission, bonus perk, or extra will be considered binding. These purchases are for specific items or permissions on the Pokefreaks Server. Any rank or permission is subject to change at any time due to changes in the server. You will not recieve a refund due to the changes in ranks and permissions because this is a DONATION. We use our donations to pay for out hosting services and upgrading capabilities. Chargebacks will be proessed through PayPal's Fraud Department where we will provide proof of service. Any chargeback, once proven fraudulent intent, will result in a permanent ban van the Pokefreaks Server. All banned players will be submitted to a Universal blacklist as well as a purchasing blacklist on Enjin.**

Monthly Goal: $200.00
567.27 / 200.00 (100%)

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Legendary Crate Key, Ultra Beast Crate Key · $10.62 · Sat at 0:07
/pokeheal, /fly, /breed and /hatch, Collector · $38.25 · Fri at 21:07
/top and /jump · $4.78 · Tue at 20:21
Legendary by choice! · $4.78 · Tue at 20:16
/breed and /hatch · $8.50 · Tue at 2:36

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